Spring is in the air!

We hope everyone and their families have been safe since end of last season. People are starting to get together and have been asking questions about the season. After a successful year that got off to a late start at the end of May last year we are hoping for an even better 2021 season. We are currently surveying a few things to add to the facility to make it better this year with a full season.

As we have shared earlier this year we are continuing our relationship with Brian Boyce and his group which really focuses on expanding the hobby to anyone interested and reinvesting into the hobby. They do a fantastic job of giving back and getting kids involved. Brian will be running many events at the facility and we will get together to make a perfect schedule of the year that will be under the events tab on the page. And be sure to check his page as well. He covers the oval program and Friday nights under the lights. https://www.facebook.com/groups/646466875830419/

Starting middle to end of April we will be looking to start our Saturday On Road program. We'll have a more confirmed start date soon all depending on weather and track preparedness coming to start the season. Some guys have been helping out on things already and it is much appreciated the sooner all the not so fun stuff is completed we can get going on this season. We will post some official cleanup work days as we get closer to the start of the season. Normal Classes for Saturday will be mainly composed of USGT, 21.5 Touring and any other class interested in running 4 or more to make a class. Trophy events will be on the Saturday of that weekend as we have done in years past for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.

Once again after a successful series on Sundays with the Brownies guys. WE WILL be doing another. We are in the process of finalizing the dates on Sundays and we will have them posted soon. Speaking of Brownies Hobbies, this is their 50th year in the hobby business and we are looking to host an event celebrating that this summer which will be posted as well.

There have been some rule updates recently updated or were discussed in the off season. ROAR has recently declared the NEW Touring car weight to be 1320 grams. Also USGT has lowered their weight as well to 1350 grams. Both classes have had their rule books recently updated so any tech we perform will be done to the new rules. Looking to TCS based classes we will follow the TCS rule book as it has been written. Euro trucks MUST BE BUILT TO THE INSTRUCTIONS the backwards installed arms ARE ILLEGAL IN TCS RULES!!! As an update to the summer series when it kicks off for VTA we are looking to use a TUB CHASSIS RULE as a requirement for the summer series all other rules are the same for VTA and use you own sourced Protoform spec tires (we will not be carrying any at the track.) Prospec will continue on the USGT tire except if Tamiya is hosting TCS this year (we are still waiting on confirmation.) Most of the rules for most classes are easily available online if you are not sure. Check with the race director or tech guy if there are any questions about the legality of your car. In the next few weeks if its necessary we'll be updating the notes section of the rules to be current in all classes that may run at the facility.

Join the waffle group! As we get going we will be hosting a few new items soon.
I think that's enough for now. We'll do our best to keep everyone posted on the year as it comes and everyone will see the schedule come up soon under the events tab. Can't wait to see everyone!


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